Inclusive Travel Talk: Ditch the Dudes and Dudettes

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Hey jet-setting rainbows and globetrotting unicorns! At Pride Travelers, we’re all about crafting unforgettable adventures for LGBTQ+ explorers. But an amazing trip goes beyond just stunning sights and delicious food – it’s about feeling welcome and embraced every step of the way. That’s where the magic of inclusive travel and language comes in!

Think of language as your travel translator – it bridges the gap between cultures and gets you what you need. But just like some apps get a phrase hilariously wrong, using outdated terms can leave you feeling out of place. So, let’s pack our metaphorical suitcase of inclusive travel and vocabulary and hit the road!

Destination: Ditching the Dudes and Dudettes

We all know the feeling – you walk into a swanky hotel lobby, ready to conquer the day, and the receptionist greets you with a breezy “Hey, dudes!” Now, there’s nothing wrong with “dudes” if that’s your jam. But here at Pride Travelers, we’re all about creating a space where everyone feels seen and respected.

Here’s the tea: a simple “Hello everyone!” or “Welcome!” goes a long way. Plus, it opens the door for some fabulous name tags – who wouldn’t want to be greeted by Captain Sparklepants at check-in?

Detour: Avoiding Assumptions About Families

Picture this: you’re booking a dream escape with your chosen family, maybe your partner and your adorable adopted fur baby. You see a fantastic “Family Fun Package!” deal, but then you read the description… “Includes a room for Mom, Dad, and the kids!”

Hold on a sec. Families come in all shapes and sizes! Maybe it’s two dads and a gaggle of adopted geese (hey, it’s a wild world!). Here’s where we can rephrase that package to something like “Spacious room perfect for families of all kinds!” It’s a small change, but it sends a big message of inclusivity.

Layover: Respecting Pronouns (They’re Not That Complicated, Promise!)

We’ve all seen those awkward moments when someone fumbles over pronouns. Here’s the good news: using someone’s correct pronouns is way easier than parallel parking – we promise!

The best practice? If you’re unsure, ask politely! A simple “What pronouns do you use?” shows respect and creates a comfortable space. Plus, some folks use gender-neutral pronouns like they/them. Think of it like learning a new word for a fabulous new dish on your travels – it just expands your vocabulary and your understanding!

Final Destination: Celebrating Cultural Nuances

Language is a living, breathing thing, and it changes from place to place. Here’s the exciting part: travel opens the door to learning new words and phrases!

Exploring a vibrant city in Southeast Asia? Maybe a “Hello” in the local language would be appreciated. Visiting a historical site in Europe? A “Thank you” in the regional dialect shows respect for the culture. Learning a few basic phrases is not only fun, it shows you’re engaged with the local experience.

Bonus Tip: Be a Word Warrior!

Sometimes, you might encounter someone using outdated or insensitive language. Here’s the deal: you don’t have to be a debate champion. A polite correction, like “Hey, maybe we can use a more inclusive term for that,” can plant a seed and create a more understanding environment.

Remember, travel is about opening your mind and embracing new experiences. Using inclusive language is just one small way to make the journey smoother and more welcoming for everyone. So, pack your metaphorical bags, hone your vocabulary skills, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Pride Travelers! We’ll see you on the fabulous side of the globe!

Five Inclusive Travel Talk Resources:

  • GLAAD Media Reference Guide – Transgender ( This comprehensive resource by GLAAD dives deep into terminology and best practices for respectful representation of transgender individuals. It includes sections on pronouns, identity, and avoiding outdated or offensive terms.
  • National Center for Transgender Equality – Terminology Guide ( This guide by the National Center for Transgender Equality offers clear explanations of various transgender-related terms and their appropriate usage. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to expand their understanding.
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary – LGBTQ+ Entries ( Merriam-Webster, a trusted dictionary source, offers definitions for a wide range of LGBTQ+ terms. It’s a great starting point for anyone unfamiliar with specific terms or wanting to confirm proper usage.
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline – Words Matter ( While not specifically LGBTQ+ focused, this resource from the National Sexual Assault Hotline offers valuable insights into the power of language. It emphasizes the importance of using respectful and survivor-centered language, which can be applied to many situations.
  • The Trevor Project – Glossary of Terms ( The Trevor Project, a leading organization focused on LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention, offers a clear and concise glossary of terms. It provides definitions for sexual orientation, gender identity, and related concepts, making it a user-friendly resource.
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Terrance, a seasoned gay travel agent based in Orlando, Florida, is not only passionate about exploring new destinations but also about providing exceptional service to LGBTQ+ travelers. As the co-founder of Pride Travelers, a premier travel agency specializing in LGBTQ+ travel, Terrance has dedicated himself to creating unforgettable experiences for his clients.

With years of experience in the travel industry and a deep understanding of the unique needs and interests of LGBTQ+ travelers, Terrance has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and advocate. His commitment to inclusivity, authenticity, and personalized service sets him apart in the industry, making him the go-to choice for LGBTQ+ travelers seeking adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

At Pride Travelers, Terrance and his partner have built a brand that celebrates diversity, fosters connections, and creates meaningful memories. With a focus on providing safe, welcoming, and supportive travel experiences, Pride Travelers has become a trusted name in LGBTQ+ travel, offering a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs and interests of their clients.

From luxury vacations to budget-friendly getaways, Terrance and his partner go above and beyond to ensure that each trip is carefully planned, seamlessly executed, and truly unforgettable. Their passion for travel, combined with their dedication to excellence, has earned them a loyal following of LGBTQ+ travelers who trust them to deliver exceptional experiences every time.

As leaders in the LGBTQ+ travel industry, Terrance and his partner are committed to giving back to the community and supporting LGBTQ+ organizations, events, and initiatives. Through Pride Travelers, they strive to create opportunities for LGBTQ+ travelers to connect, engage, and make a positive impact wherever they go.

With Terrance Bortell and Pride Travelers as their trusted partners, LGBTQ+ travelers can embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and empowerment, knowing that they are in capable hands. Whether it's a romantic getaway, a group adventure, or a custom-tailored itinerary, Terrance and his partner are dedicated to making every travel experience a truly unforgettable one.

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