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Set Sail the Virgin Voyages Way

Virgin Voyages embraces inclusivity and diversity with its “Virgin Way,” creating a welcoming environment for all travelers, including gay individuals. As a gay travel agent, partnering with Virgin Voyages means aligning with a cruise line that prioritizes inclusivity through policies and LGBTQ+-friendly activities onboard. By celebrating diversity and promoting acceptance, Virgin Voyages ensures that all passengers can enjoy memorable and discrimination-free vacation experiences.

Pride Traveler’s Rainbow Navigator Ratings

gay accommodations
Excellent Accommodations
lgbt Unique Culinary Experience
Unique Culinary Experience
lgbt friendly entertainment
Outstanding Entertainment

Always Included Luxury

Sailing with Pride: Virgin Voyages’ Trailblazing Commitment to LGBT+ Travelers and Unparalleled Innovations

A woman smiles at the camera during Scarlet Night. There's a party behind her and everyone is wearing red. Alberto Oviedo, Lifestyle, Now We're Voyaging Now We're Voyaging Campaign Photographer: Alberto Oviedo Studio: Christian Schrader, Kathy Boos Brand: Billy Bohan
Adults-Only Experience

Unlike many other cruise lines that cater to families or a wide range of age groups, Virgin Voyages exclusively caters to adults aged 18 and over. This adult-focused Virgin Voyages approach allows for a more tailored experience, with amenities, entertainment, and activities designed specifically for adult passengers. It creates an atmosphere that’s more conducive to relaxation, enjoyment, and socializing among other gay adults without the presence of children.

Virgin Voyages: Sea Terrace XL
Innovative Design and Amenities

Virgin Voyages redefines cruise ship design with modern, stylish elements throughout its vessels, offering innovative amenities like rooftop plunge pools, a tattoo parlor, dedicated spas, and culinary test kitchens. This focus on cutting-edge design and amenities sets Virgin Voyages apart, appealing to LGBTQ and ally travelers seeking a contemporary and luxurious experience at sea.

Virgin Voyages Onboard Dining

The Galley |
 LGBT Friendly Restaurant's
Dive into a world of culinary delights at The Galley, our casual food hall offering something for everyone. From comfort food classics to international cuisine, there’s no shortage of deliciousness here. LGBT travelers, explore diverse dining options with us!
Treat yourself to a luxurious dining experience at The Wake, where premium cuts of meat and seafood meet breathtaking ocean views. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply savoring the moment, The Wake promises an unforgettable culinary journey. LGBT-friendly fine dining awaits!
Get ready to dazzle your senses with our globally-inspired dishes at Razzle Dazzle. From Asian fusion to Mediterranean delights, our inclusive atmosphere welcomes everyone to savor the flavors of the world. LGBT-friendly dining awaits!
Spice up your voyage with the vibrant flavors of Mexico at Pink Agave. From street tacos to zesty ceviche, our colorful restaurant invites you to fiesta like there’s no mañana. Let the fiesta begin! LGBT travelers, join the culinary fiesta!
Ignite your taste buds with the first Korean BBQ experience at sea. At Gunbae, you’re not just dining, you’re grilling up memories with friends and fellow travelers. Indulge in authentic Korean flavors and celebrate the joy of food and friendship. LGBT travelers, join the culinary celebration!
Plant-based paradise awaits at Extra Virgin, where vegan and vegetarian delights take center stage. Savor the goodness of locally-sourced ingredients and discover a whole new world of sustainable dining options. LGBT-friendly plant-based dining awaits!
Dock House

Lick Me Till Ice Cream: Indulge your sweet tooth at Lick Me Till Ice Cream, where you can cool off with a delicious variety of handcrafted ice creams and sorbets. From classic flavors to inventive creations, there’s a treat for every palate.
Dock House: Craving a casual bite with a view? Head to Dock House for laid-back waterfront dining. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood or classic comfort food, this cozy spot offers a relaxed atmosphere and tasty fare.
Test Kitchen: Calling all foodies! Test Kitchen is where culinary innovation meets entertainment. Watch as chefs experiment with bold flavors and cutting-edge techniques right before your eyes, and maybe even get to sample their latest creations.
The Pizza Place: Pizza lovers rejoice! At The Pizza Place, you can satisfy your cravings with piping hot pies made to order. Choose from a variety of toppings and enjoy a slice of heaven as you soak in the ocean breeze.
Well-being Pool Bar: Quench your thirst and nourish your body at the Well-being Pool Bar. From fresh juices to invigorating smoothies, this health-conscious oasis offers refreshing beverages to keep you feeling revitalized throughout your voyage.
The Sun Club Café: Start your day off right with a visit to The Sun Club Café. Fuel up with a delicious breakfast spread featuring freshly baked pastries, hearty omelets, and gourmet coffee, all served with a side of stunning ocean views.
With these additional eateries onboard, Virgin Voyages ensures that every craving is met and every dining experience is unforgettable. Bon appétit!


Elevate your travel experience with Pride Travelers as we bring you the epitome of luxury aboard Virgin Voyages. Indulge in the most exclusive suites designed by Tom Dixon, offering prime access, personalized service, and lavish amenities. From marbled bathrooms with Peek-a-Boo showers to hand-woven terrace hammocks and outdoor Peek-a-View showers, every detail is crafted for an unforgettable journey under the moonlight.

Available Cabin Types in This Category:

  • Massive Suite | 2,147 sq ft
  • Fab Suite | 950 sq ft
  • Posh Suite | 833 sq ft
  • Gorgeous Suite | 570 sq ft

When you’re living the rockstar life, there’s no such thing as “too much,” especially when you book with Pride Travelers. Explore every inch of the ship with our Tom Dixon-designed suites, complete with fully stocked bars for indulging in seaside sips. Whether you’re relaxing in a terrace hammock or enjoying the ambiance at the champagne table under the stars, our accommodations ensure an unforgettable experience.

These cabins can sleep up to 4

Available Cabin Types in This Category:

  • Brilliant Suite | 482 sq ft
  • Cheeky Corner Suite | 615-857 sq ft
  • Seriously Suite | 352 sq ft
  • Sweet Aft Suite | 416-661 sq ft

Indulge in the epitome of luxury aboard Virgin Voyages, where every moment is designed for your ultimate pleasure. Whether you’re glamming up in the chic area, rejuvenating in your expansive Roomy Rainshower, or lounging on your hand-woven terrace hammock (featured in many of our Sea Terraces), our spaces provide panoramic views of the horizon. As the sun sets, our intuitive mood lighting mirrors the hues of the oncoming twilight, creating an ambiance that’s simply irresistible.

These cabins range from 185 – 225 sq ft and can sleep up to 4

Available Cabin Types in This Category:

  • Limited View Sea Terrace
    • These cabins may have obstructed views
  • The Sea Terrace
  • Central Sea Terrace
    • Centrally located cabins
  • XL Sea Terrace

Attention solo Sailors and duos seeking serene moments with the sea from our generously sized single beds, or duos nestled on our charming nautical window seats — the ocean beckons you. Each morning, as you gaze out at the waves, you’ll feel intimately connected to the ocean’s beauty (without worrying about windblown hair).

These cabins range from 130- 190 sq ft and and can sleep up to 3

Available Cabin Types

  • Solo Sea View
    • For solo cruisers
  • The Sea View

Whether you’re traveling with friends, sailing solo, or paired up as a duo, everyone can join in on the Insider experience. Our cozy escapes feature Roomy Rainshowers and mood lighting, offering ample space to unwind today and prepare for the adventures of tomorrow.

These cabins range from 105 – 177 sq ft and can sleep up to 4

Available Cabin Types

  • Solo Insider
    • For solo cruisers
  • Social Insider
  • The Insider

Add-on’s & Extras

Prices & Inclusions Updated as of April 16, 2024

Unlike other cruise lines, Virgin Voyages does not offer any drink packages. Instead, they offer a Bar Tab. This is a hassle-free way to enjoy premium drinks throughout your cruise, offering a selection of handcrafted cocktails, fine wines, and refreshing beverages at various onboard bars and lounges. With bonuses like discounts on bottles and exclusive access to specialty events, Bar Tab ensures a seamless and indulgent drinking experience, inviting LGBT travelers to sip, socialize, and savor the moment at sea.

The bar tab can also be used on non-alcoholic specialty drinks, such as milkshakes and coffee. Bar tabs are non-refundable, so drink up!

When you buy a bar tab before boarding the cruise ship, you will get a bonus bar tab:

  • $300 Bar Tab: $50 Extra Bonus
  • $200 Bar Tab: $25 Extra Bonus
  • $100 Bar Tab: $10 Extra Bonus

Elevate your experience with incredible perks for the introductory rate of $250, and let the sparks fly with a luxurious experience package exclusively curated for 90 cabins per voyage.

  • Priority Boarding
  • Curated daily cold-pressed juices
  • Two 3-Hour Thermal Spa Passes
  • A Shake for Champagne
  • Exclusive Sail Away Hour
  • Sultry bites
  • Love is in the (sea) air, so don’t wait to treat yourselves. To add A Splash of Romance to your voyage, create or sign in to your Virgin Voyages account and treat yourself to something sweet in the ‘Add-On’ section.

Long love. Friend love. I-got-my-PhD-and-love-myself… love. You have your reasons — we’ve got the perfect way to celebrate them. Enhance your voyage with A Splash for Your Bash, our new, curated party planning package for you — and all your guests.

  • Bottomless brunch event at The Wake or Razzle Dazzle (Non-alcoholic options also available)
  • Revelrous dinner party with curated beverages and desserts
  • Valued at $375, you can lock it in for $250 per cabin (but only for a limited time)
  • To add A Splash for Your Bash to your voyage, create or sign in to your Virgin Voyages account. This special is available for parties from 2 to 9 cabins. All party members must purchase the package to participate.

Sailor Loot is our cheeky way of saying onboard credit. Once on board, Sailors can use it to make purchases on items like specialty drinks, spa treatments, tattoos, retail, Shore Things and more! 

Unlike Future Voyage Credit, Sailor Loot cannot be used on pre-voyage purchases, including Bar Tab. 

All Sailor Loot is dedicated to the sailing it is applied to, and any unused funds will not be refunded or rolled over after the voyage ends.

Virgin Voyages’ Shore Things are immersive shore excursions designed to enhance your cruise experience, offering a diverse array of activities and adventures at each port of call. From cultural tours to outdoor adventures and LGBTQ+-friendly excursions, Shore Things cater to every traveler’s interests and preferences, ensuring unforgettable experiences both on land and at sea. Join us as we explore the world’s most captivating destinations, creating cherished memories and celebrating diversity with each Shore Thing adventure.

Whether you’re looking to get pampered, recharge, or keep your fitness goals strong, you’ll be longing for more hours in the day to enjoy all the well-being offerings available on board. From cozy saunas to ample sundecks, yoga classes to Ayurvedic treatments, acupuncture to a boxing ring — you’re guaranteed to relax, energize, and be spoiled beyond belief. With everything to get you moving already included and extra Spa treatments to get your vacation glow going, you won’t need to reach the shore to sweat, relax, and recover.

Unlimited WiFi browsing is included for all Sailors. So there’s no charge for social media, email, web browsing or messaging.

An upgraded Premium entertainment package will also be available for just a bit extra to support streaming – subject to availability.

A bit like on an airplane, WiFi at sea is restricted. Sailors using either our complimentary basic WiFi network or our Premium WiFi may connect up to 2 devices simultaneously.

Ship to Do Onboard


Experience unforgettable entertainment at Virgin Voyages’ shows, where diversity shines on stage, inviting LGBT travelers to enjoy spectacular performances and make lasting memories at sea!


Embark on an inclusive gaming adventure at Virgin Voyages’ casino, where diversity meets excitement on the high seas, inviting LGBT travelers to join in the fun!

Cruising on Virgin Voyages is truly a unique and incredible experience. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself:

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